Beyoncé Sent Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, and Yara Shahidi an Entire Wardrobe of Ivy Park Clothes

Imagine Beyoncé (yes, the Beyoncé) sending you a whole wardrobe-full of gorgeous clothes in the mail. For. Free. Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, Yara Shahidi, Links”>Reese Witherspoon, and Cardi B don’t have to imagine, because they were all lucky enough to be on Beyoncé’s list of celebrity friends who get a sneak peek at her Ivy Park x Adidas collection before it officially launches on Jan. 18. (So, uh, how do I get on that list?)

In videos posted on their Instagram accounts, Yara and Reese both unboxed the athletic and stylish collection and gave us all a glimpse at Beyoncé’s line. From what we can see, the collection includes an oversize beige hoodie with leggings, a dress, an oversized sweatshirt with shorts, an orange-and-burgundy jumpsuit, two different Ivy Park x Adidas beanies in burgundy and orange, and a pair of matching sneakers. Keep scrolling to take a peek at what we can expect from the upcoming line and to see other celebrities like Zendaya and Yara Shahidi react to Beyoncé’s generous gift.