Your Thighs Will Get Sore Just Looking at These Pictures of Kate Middleton Crouching

It’s obvious Kate Middleton has a way with kids, and it may have something to do with her willingness to get down on their level. When it comes to her littlest fans, the duchess is all about crouching down to interact with them (it’s one of her sweetest parenting moves with George, Charlotte, and Louis too). In addition to the gesture being downright adorable, it’s also quite impressive — can you imagine the leg strength required!?

Sure, Kate is active and loves to play sports, but any person spending that much time in what is essentially a wall sit position would be sweating. Feeling the burn. Possibly shaking from the waist down. And let’s not forget that she’s usually wearing heels, maintaining modesty, and making small talk while doing it (even when she’s pregnant!). Keep reading for photographic proof that this royal really does have superhuman strength.