The Top 10 Judy Blume Books, Because Her Writing Is Timeless

Since her first book was published in 1969, Judy Blume has been guiding generations through every stage of life with her earnest novels that tackle everything from sibling rivalry and first periods to the complex nature of adult friendships. With 30 books to her name, narrowing down the best Blume books is no easy task. After all, the author is best known as a YA writer whose refusal to talk down to her audience not only opened the door for the current boom in candid YA fiction but also resulted in her books frequently being banned. How do you choose between novels that are so iconic that they’ve been striking fear in the hearts of parents since the ’70s? Difficult as it is to choose just 10 books to represent the breadth of Blume’s talent, we believe the novels on this list display just how versatile and timeless the author’s work truly is.