Oprah and Gayle Testing Their Slang Knowledge Is 1 of My Favorite Things

Links”>Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, longtime friends and my fantasy aunties, put their knowledge of current slang terms to the test in a delightful new video for OprahMag.com this week. The latest installment of their OG Chronicles video series sees the BFFs being quizzed on millennial and Gen-Z slang like lit, thirst trap, and clapbacks — and while Gayle seemed hellbent on proving how up to date she is, Oprah wasn’t as concerned, saying, “You can’t slang-shame me!”

There was some initial confusion over the usage of “snack,” but once the duo figured it out, Oprah dropped a bombshell: “Oh, I just had lunch with somebody who’s a real snack. I’m not gonna say who it is either. He was more than a snack. That was a meal,” she revealed. Press play now to see Gayle defining “secure the bag” and Oprah gleefully calling herself “a JOMO.”