Joanna Gaines’s New Magnolia Home Collection Answers All of Our Cozy Autumn Dreams – Have a Peek!

The 2019 Magnolia Home Fall collection has arrived, and its rustic items fit Joanna Gaines’s farmhouse style to a T: soulful, clean, and charming. By the time the brisk Fall air settles and our coffee orders are pumped with pumpkin spice, the thought of staying indoors, cozying up, and lighting every Fall-scented candle in sight sounds beyond delightful. This Autumn collection has all of the ingredients for a peaceful September equinox. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the harvest season with decorative eucalyptus and wheat wreaths or a cozy throw blanket to drape over your living room sofa, we can assure this collection of tempting goods won’t disappoint. If you’re ready to set the tone for Fall, have a look at Magnolia Homes’ stunning collection ahead!